PETA: Arguably the Worst Goddamn Organization on the Planet

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  PETA is the most manipulative organization on the planet.  The very acronym brings forth a wave of disgust in me each time I hear it, and I find myself choking back a sick combination of tears and vomit.  In my personal life, I am an avid lover of animals.  And I don’t just mean the cute and cuddly ones.  I love cats and dogs as much (or more than) the next person, but I am also fascinated with insects, birds, aquatic creatures, and everything in between.  I even have a passion for watching spiders eating and spinning webs.

PETA claims to be advocates of fair animal treatment.  They are widely known for organizing protests against such things as killing animals for fur clothing and the inhumane torture many animals experience on farms and ranches.  Although their methods are…questionable, to say the least and have gotten them into a bit of hot water, they sound like they’re trying to do the right thing and put a stop to the unnecessary murder of innocent animals.

Unfortunately, PETA doesn’t practice what they preach, a fact that has become well-known over the years but largely ignored.  Reports are constantly surfacing about the amount of animals they kill and their methods of how they attempt to place animals into homes (fun fact: they don’t).  However, these things aren’t the worst thing to me, as awful as they may be.  Although PETA claims to stand for animal rights, they take millions of dollars in donations from like-minded individuals, most of whom are undoubtedly unaware that their money is not spent on helping animals – instead, their money is used for their genocide.

Now I’m not blind.  I know that some animals need to be euthanized due to a variety of reasons ranging from overpopulation to general inability to adapt to a cooperative life with humans.  But this does not give PETA the right to make that decision in a matter of seconds and carry out executions on “unsuitable” animals.  While thousands of people trust them to use their donations towards the common good of fair animal treatment, the company decides it would be better to build a $9,000 freezer used to store the dead animal carcasses before throwing them into black trash bags like nothing more than a pile of discarded tissues.

My main problem is this: although all of these facts are widely available to anyone willing to listen, why isn’t anything done to stop it?  More importantly, how do I spark the necessary catalyst?  I know writing this blog doesn’t help any changes take place, but at least I can farm for ideas.  So…thoughts?  Anyone?